Meet Zahak 8

I am happy to announce Zahak 8.0. This is probably one of the biggest releases of Zahak. With this comes +300 Elo increase in strength. The support for Syzygy EGTB and a new network architecture that is aware of the right-to-move.

In between the versions of Zahak 7 and 8, Zahak got accepted in the OpenBench framework, which made it much easier and more efficient to try new ideas, hence the massive increase in strength. Thanks to Andrew Grant and Noob for their great support.

I am almost positive that this version is going to make Zahak the best chess engine written in GoLang (at least as of the time of this writing). Which is a milestone for me!

But an even bigger milestone is the fact that Zahak will appear in the upcoming TCEC Swiss 2 Tournement! This is more like a dream really than a milestone, Zahak in TCEC? That was not even dreamable a month or two ago.

My plan is to release Zahak 8.1 with added goodies like multi-PV, searchmoves and different skill levels. But no increase in strength, which should be reserved for Zahak 9.0

To download Zahak 8.0, please visit here

Enjoy playing with Zahak!