Zahak wins ZuFi - Season 2

In a very interesting match between Zahak and Nalwald 1.12, Zahak convincingly overcomes Nalwald to win the title. Nalwald scored the first win in the second game, only to lose in the fourth. After that a Zahak won a few games in a row just before Nalwald close the gap to only one game, after it reached four games. By the end of the match Zahak won by 12 points:

N Engine             Rtng  Pts  Gm      SB X  Elo Perf Za             Na            

 1 Zahak rev-f7c18a09    0 56.0 100 2464.00 0 +192 56.0 ·············· =0=1==1========11=0=1===1======01=0=0==0==1=1=====10==11=1===1==11001====0=01==1===0==10=11101===11=
 2 Nalwald 1.12          0 44.0 100 2464.00 1 -192 44.0 =1=0==0========00=1=0===0======10=1=1==1==0=0=====01==00=0===0==00110====1=10==0===1==01=00010===00= ··············

The match score doesn’t really tell the full story, in many games Nalwald interesting positions, even clear advantage just to fail to convert it, while Zahak converted most of the advantages that it had. Nalwald’s style was mostly around middle game performances, and could outsmart Zahak in a few occations. While Zahak relied more on btter understanding of endgame play.

Season 3, will most likely see some changes, as Zahak has become stronger and has most likely crossed the 2800 CCRL limit, therefore I will relax the limit to include higher rating engines too. I will announce the new limit when it is decided. I will still maintain multi-league nature of the tournament, but will probably introduce an intermediate one.

ZaTour is now also on Discord, it is recommended to join the server if you want to follow the announcements, as it will become our main communication medium. Please follow this link to join the server.

The games for the superfinal is available here

Next there will be a few test tournaments, to test difffernt new engines before letting them play in ZaTour season three.