Zahak and MinimalChess Show Their Inner Tal

I finally figured out how to embed chess games! Tune in for lots of interesting games in the future. Today I will show you two very beautiful games in ZaTour Super League - Season 2.

In the 19th round, Zahak is playing white in a sharp Evans Gambit against Lozza 3. He sacrifices the queen in what looks like a boring drawish game. To probably produce one of the most beautiful games in 2021.

In the below position, Zahak goes for Qxa5 and after Nb7, instead of going to 18. Qa5 Nb7 19. Qa6 Nd8 20. Qa5 repetition, Zahak chooses 18. Qa5 Nb7 19. Nb5 and sacrifices the queen. You can use the controllers underneath the board to play the game.

In round 31, MinimalChess (the lowest rated engine in ZaTour Super League - Season 2), plays black against Nalwald (currently in the lead). Just like Tal, MinimalChess takes Nalwald into a very dense forest and takes the full point! Here is the game:

ZaTour, is a chess engine to chess engine championship, and you can follow the games live here