Meet Zahak 6.0

I am happy to announce Zahak 6.0. It comes with parallel-search capabilities (via Lazy SMP). I also improved the search function, and evaluation function. I added many terms for evaluating and assessing endgames, I believe this makes Zahak a better endgame player. My estimate for this version is probably around 2800 points as per CCRL Blitz rating.

A pre-release version of Zahak is currently playing at ZaTour Suepr Final (ZuFi), and its endgame skills already shows there. You can follow the games here

Zahak 6.0, comes with the following added features/fixes:

  • Lazy SMP (Multi Threading)
  • ProbCut
  • Singular Extension
  • Multi-Cut
  • Countermove heuristics for move ordering
  • History Leaf Pruning


  • Draw Pattern Recognition: RvN, RvB, RvRB, RvRN, KPK, OCB, Wrong Bishop
  • King safety, and king virtual mobility
  • Incremental Eval
  • Retuned Eval based on LiChess dataset
  • Passed pawn evaluation based on rank


  • Move generation speedup
  • NPS increase

To download Zahak 6.0, please visit here

My next version will focus on NNUE